Charles “Chip” Shirley, Jr.

Business Development Manager

Value Delivered

Chip is responsible for overseeing the sales and accounts managers. He also coordinates with the service, construction, and accounting divisions to contract and deliver a variety of customer-specific services and serves as the firm’s security manager.


Chip has over 35 years of management experience in various fields, both nationally and globally. He has extensive experience with customer support, direct account management, and sales. 

He has a diversified background, which includes being a retired Marine Corp IT Officer, a software development manager, a corporate IT manager, and working for a non-profit as a senior research scientist.

Since he started with EMCOR Services Combustioneer, he has held positions overseeing operations and management services to over 14 diverse government sites, including both classified and unclassified locations. 

His education history includes:

  • USMC Amphibious Warfare and Command and Staff College
  • Environmental Operations Management Certificate (qualified to work in BSL-4 level labs)
  • Certified Plant Maintenance Manager from the Association for Facilities Engineering
  • Professional Selling Skills Level III

The Personal Side

Chip is an avid outdoorsman who finds pleasure in hunting, fly fishing, camping, hiking, marksmanship, boating and sailing, gardening, and riding his motorcycle. He enjoys spending time with his wife, his daughter and son, and his granddaughters.