Washington, DC

1001 Connecticut Ave, NW

Providing equipment with the longest warranty in the industry helped save this customer money in the long run.

Aerial view of the cooling tower replacement at 1001 Connecticut Ave in Washington DC

Value Delivered

EMCOR Services Combustioneer (Combustioneer) provided a complete cooling tower replacement solution that matched the loads of two existing cooling towers. We also installed energy saving variable speed drives on the tower fan motors to reduce horsepower and save energy.

Client Objectives

The building owner wanted to replace their two aging cooling towers, reduce wasted water, and improve energy efficiency.


Due to the severity of the rust on the existing cooling tower support structure, Combustioneer professionally engineered a new structural steel base for the new cooling tower. This involved replacing more than 14 large steel beams and fabricating a working platform around the tower that included safety rails.

Work performed included:

  • Replacement of a 350-ton induced draft cooling tower
  • Replacement of a smaller retail cooling tower
  • Installation of new:
    • Balancing valves
    • Heat tracing
    • Variable speed drives
    • Starters
    • Disconnects
    • Jacketed insulation for freeze protection

Client Background

The building is located just four blocks from the White House at the very busy intersection of Connecticut Avenue and K St.