Lanham, MD

Carleton East Apartments

By providing early estimates of energy savings and potential utility rebates, our team significantly sped up the procurement process for this project.

Carolson East Lobby Entrance

Value Delivered

EMCOR Services Combustioneer (ESC) installed new high efficiency boilers for this apartment complex. This increased energy savings and provided reliable hot water service for residents and staff.

By replacing three 10 million BTU boilers with seven lower BTU units, building engineers were able to bypass individual units for reliable heating and easier transitions between seasons. Replacing the existing tube-and-shell heat exchanger with a more efficient plate-and-frame model also reduced the energy required to heat boiler water. 

Through these system changes, the customer was able to achieve an estimated annual energy savings of more than 111,500 therms and $49,000. In addition, the customer was able to take advantage of a $150,000 rebate from Washington Gas. By providing early estimates of the energy conservation and potential rebates, ESC sped up the procurement process and substantially reduced costs for the client.

Client Objectives

Carleton East Apartments needed to replace their 50-year-old boiler units, which were nearing the end of their life expectancies.


ESC installed seven new three million BTU, high efficiency condensing boilers and a new plate-and-frame heat exchanger. 

Client Background

Carleton East Apartments is a multifamily residency property in Lanham, MD.