Vibration Analysis

ES_NE_VibAnalysis_350x263.jpgBy adopting a combination of preventive and predictive maintenance practices, companies can significantly reduce equipment malfunctions and their associated costs. Vibration analysis is one of the most cost-effective ways to detect and resolve minor equipment issues before they significantly affect operations.

Motors, pumps, bearings, fans, and other equipment and components may vibrate in ways that they aren’t meant to, causing uneven wear and damage. Our vibration analysis process establishes a vibration baseline for each piece of equipment, then compares performance against an equipment database of nearly 100,000 different machines. 

We compare the operating history of each piece of equipment with industry thresholds and previous performance metrics. By performing this analysis on a regular basis, our experts can identify emerging malfunctions long before they lead to costly system failures.

Cost and Efficiency Benefits

A predictive maintenance approach that features vibration analysis helps our customers avoid common pitfalls, including:

  • Costly repairs and replacements caused by extensive equipment damage
  • Unnecessary waste from components being discarded after a breakdown
  • Failing components causing damage to other equipment and/or parts
  • Rising energy costs caused by inefficient equipment operation
  • Unnecessary part replacement and maintenance costs from scheduled maintenance programs that require shutting down equipment and replacing parts that may still be functioning properly

To learn more about how our vibration analysis services can save your company money, contact us.